Between Feb 2007 and March 2008, Sean Aiken completed an epic journey around North America, working 52 jobs in 52 weeks.

Sean Aiken graduated from college and didn’t know what he wanted to do for a career (or what he wanted to do with his life). Instead of take the first job that came along, he found a unique way of figuring it out: The One Week Job Project.

How it worked: Anyone, anywhere, could offer Sean a job for one week. Any money he earned for the work, he asked the employer to donate towards the ONE / Make Poverty History campaign. Total earned = $20,401.60

On his inspirational quest, Sean trekked more than 55,000 miles, slept on 55 couches, and tried every job he could: Bungee Instructor, Dairy Farmer, Advertising Executive, Baker, Stock Trader, Firefighter, and more. Wherever he could find work, he’d go there, find a couch to crash on and immerse himself in whatever profession was at hand. And then he’d move on.

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The media covered the story extensively: The New York Times, Rachael Ray Show, Good Morning America, CNN, 20/20, CBC Newsworld, FOX News and countless others. sent over 30,000 visitors to the website in under an hour (crashing the server in the process). Publishers opted for Sean’s forthcoming book, which was published spring 2010 by Random House in the US, and Penguin Group in Canada.

Sean realized he hadn’t started on his own journey. He’d started a movement.

Thousands of people began following his adventures. They commented on the website, and wrote about the journey on their blogs. Hundreds joined the Facebook page. College students were relieved to find others uncertain of their careers. Baby boomers wrote how they’d found the courage to change their jobs, or go back to school and discover their passions once again.

Now at the end of his journey, it’s time to share the complete story and the lessons learned along the way.

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