We’re so happy that many have found inspiration in the One-Week Job project!


Week Three - Seymour Mountain 006“You’re story has inspired me to make a lot of changes and take a lot of chances in my career and life. I have to tell you its payed off. I now have my dream job, dream woman and dream life. You helped give me the courage to try new things. Its amazing the way things just fall into place when you actively pursue your passion. I wish you all the success in the world for the future.”

– Tyler, Langley, BC

“What a great role model you are for all those young people out there! You are right – if you find something you love, you won’t work a day in your life.”

– Maria, Victoria, BC

“I must say that you have challenged me and inspired me. I deeply respect you for what you are doing as it seems that no one really understands how I feel about working and my career. You have shown me that there are people out there who truly understand my opinions, opinions that are so close to yours. Thank You! I hope that you can continue to inspire and challenge.”

– Alyssa, Ottawa, ON

“I myself am a 24 year old, sometimes enjoying my job as a high school teacher and sometimes finding myself completely restless. Sean, you’re an inspiration to many people who you will never even meet.”

– Travis, USA

“Sean, you are an inspiration, you have the guts to do what it takes and lead the way to show people to take the risks to find out their calling and passion!”

– Trevor, Vancouver, BC

Week Seven - Communication/Leadership Facilitation“I do like where I work but my passion lies in another department than the one I am in. I researched it well but you inspired me to move to the next step; I pushed the button and just enrolled in Distance Education through Ryerson. This means I can get the education I need to make the move, but can keep working too. Whoo Hoo!”

– Anne, Halifax, NS

“You are an inspiration to us all, at any age.Thank you.”

– Eugene, USA

“Sean! I quit my job on Monday (finally!!!) at 11:45am and at 2pm I got a call for an interview for this job I applied for April 10th, had the interview today and got it an hour later!!! So I’m starting my passion next Monday and never settling again thanks to you!”

Erin, Edmonton, AB

“Your one week job project is out of control… it’s even starting to make me re-think my choices in life… It makes me wish I could be a part of it now too, but you’re making me re-think my choices in life, so I guess I am part of the project.”

Adam, Vancouver, BC

“Sean, I am where I am, and no longer fear the future because of you!”

– Kiel, North Vancouver, BC

Week Seventeen - Race Director 089 “I think its one of the most creative/inspiring ideas I’ve heard of in a long time. I, like many others, struggled for a long time to find my calling. I could’e saved myself some time, money and heartache if I had of thought of such a cool idea!”

Nancy, Halifax, NS

“Please know that you have left your indelible mark on Lotus Soul Gym Yoga and all those there who have connected with you. The youthful and optimistic energy you exude is something to admire and is a beacon for all those who follow your brave and insightful footsteps. Namaste.”

Henri Ferguson, Edmonton, AB

“Awesome stuff Sean, very inspiring and motivational for a generation who has enough money for their double latte, designer jeans, and iPod Nano – but not enough money for rent.”


“Sean, I am twice your age, and your words nearly made me cry. Yes, I am sheepwalking, and now trying to figure out what my real “life’s work” is. But I was thinking the other day about how a lot of my favorite memories were made during traveling, even with cranky family members. So whatever I do, I’m going to make time for it as much as I can. I hereby take the pledge.”

– Gayle, USA

mural“I agree 100% with what you’re doing. I think that it’s awesome that you have the courage to do this. I find that over the years of working I’ve let myself forget about what I am passionate about and work only to pay the bills.”

Sandra, Ottawa, ON

“Bloody brilliant Sean!
I completely understand the spirit behind the project, and am honestly inspired that you are making it happen! I think that you are hitting the nail on the head! In a world where people love not to question anything and prefer to march along silently, our generation needs some positive examples of people who are not afraid to commit to what we are all thinking! I hope that this project explodes, inspiring the masses to look a little deeper. Keep up the good work!”

Scotty, Edmonton, AB

“What you do is inspiring! I promise to get myself a job I’m truly passionate about.Thanks for the wake-up call!”

Angelika, Norway

“Last year I had 9 jobs, just feeling my way around till I find that happiness or the job I want to do, not the one I have to do. I am 40 years old, I have a long time to work so you really inspired me to keep my search up. THANK YOU!”

Gina, Alberta, Canada

Gus' Pub Halifax, Nova Scotia“I have been completely inspired, enamored, and impressed at your adventures and amazing attitude!! Like you, I am of the generation of “what are we supposed to do” and feel incredibly lost in the search for an answer! I love your approach and applaud you for taking the initiative to start this movement! I am committed to the promise, and enjoy reading your blog entries every day as a way to keep my spirits up during this horrid search for an ‘answer.'”

– Emily, North Vancouver, BC

“I am really impressed with your initiative and courage. I am in my early 40’s and feel like I am still in my 20’s searching for what I want to be when I grow up.”

Richard, Toronto, ON

“Sean, I think what you’e doing is fantastic. It’s a challenge to everyone that hears or reads about you to go after their dreams.”


“I had never taken the time to find what I was truly passionate about. I have worked a variety of jobs, but they have always been about paying the bills more than about being happy and fulfilled. Luckily for me, I did manage to stumble my way into my current position, and I love it! Too bad it took me 7 years of crummy jobs to find it! So more than anything I wish you luck.”

– Nadine, St. Johns, Newfoundland

“What you’re doing is great – our generation needs more people like you who are getting the word out that it is “okay” not to settle. I think it’s definitely something more unique to our age group, and we are fortunate enough to be able to choose our direction. It’s your life, so live it up!”

– Michelle, Miyagi-ken, Japan (Vancouver, BC)

“Interesting life story you have, already. There are many people three times your age and have not lived as deeply as you. I have no doubt you will find, because you are one of the few who search.”

– Gord Dieno, Vancouver, BC

Week Seventeen - Race Director 012“My name is Lily and I’m in going into grade 10 next year in Kamloops, BC. As an almost straight A student the most common question I get is “What do you plan to be when you grow up?” or “What will you major in University?” and I honestly haven’t got a clue! after seeing what you have chosen to do, I think I will answer those questions by saying “We’ll see what happens when I get there.” Thank you for showing me that I don’t need to have an answer for those “what will you be when you grow up” questions.”

– Lily, Kamloops, BC

“Sean, you are absolutely incredible! If you do come to a Unified Field Theory-type equation for positive life and careers, be sure to let everyone know. Keep up the good (weekly) work!”

Jen, Brooklyn, NY

“…the other day, I was offered full time work… My original plans had been to work my three days a week there and start working on design in my spare time, with the goal being building a portfolio of work and eventually getting a job I want in that field. I could use the money but thats not what I want to do or where I want to be, and funny enough I came home and watched your latest episode and had an epiphany. The whole show did it but especially the part where the guy was going: “you shouldn’t take a job as a means to an end ie a paycheck.” I totally had a moment while watching and was going: What am I thinking if I go and take this job and sideline doing what I love… Needless to say that I went in the next day and declined the offer. So there you go, I turned down an easy paycheck that would have hindered me doing what I wanted.”

– Ben, Vancouver, BC

Week Seven - Yoga Instructor 027“Sean, thanks to you I quit SuperValu and am working with my cousin on laminate flooring. What I love about this new job is that when the jobs done, you pack up your things and your off to another house/apartment or condo. It’s not the same thing twice. It’s not, “I stocked the fruits again last wednesday. More like “yeah I met these nice japanese people last week who gave me fruit during lunch and complimented our work on their floor. Remembering what I actually contributed to these people just makes such a huge difference in my life. It feels wonderful.”

Adam, Vancouver, BC