About OWJ Australia

My name is Paul Seymour and I’m working 52 jobs in 52 weeks throughout Australia to discover my passion. Anybody, anywhere in Australia can offer me a job for one week. All of my wages are being donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Australia.

Follow along as I share my experience and what I learn on the blog. Please help me on my journey by spreading the word, offering me a One Week Job, or a place to stay while I’m in your area!

Recent News

New Episode – “Basketball Coach”

During Week #11 Paul worked alongside the great folks at Helping Hoops. Here is the episode from the week!

Week #28 – Real Estate Agent, Stella Property (Windsor, QLD)

This week I’m entering the realm of Real Estate and putting on my top hat and monnicle to find out what it’s all about. Michelle Wilde, the Principal at Stella Property Group located in Windsor (Brisbane) has been kind enough to bring me on this week and share with me hr insight into the world Read More ››