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My name is Paul Seymour. I’m 24 years old, live in Brisbane, Queensland, and I’ve made a promise to myself that over the next year I’m going use my best endeavours to find a career that I’m truly passionate about.

Anyone, anywhere in Australia can offer me a ‘one week job’, and all my wages will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Australia. Over the next year I will work 52 jobs in 52 weeks to discover my passion, and share my experience on this blog.

We work for the majority of our lives, why not take the chance to spend 1 year of it to search, question and discover what it is I’m truly passionate about doing? Then use what I’ve learned to enable me to shape the life that I want to lead with clarity and passion as my driving force.

If you would like to offer me a ‘one week job’, please check out the “Hire Paul!”. Any help in passing along the website to friends, family, potential OWJ employers would be much appreciated!

I hope you join me for the journey!


  • http://www.bigbrothersbigsisters.org.au Big Brothers Big Sisters

    Well done Paul and thanks for supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters.

    Over the next 12 months we are sure you will meet some amazing potential Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and the money you raise will help us to match them to young people at risk.

    Thank you for helping us make a difference to these young people at such a critical point in their lives.

  • Paul Seymour

    Thanks, I look forward to working together towards this great cause.

  • Pratik

    Good Luck Jubanashwa. I am also confused about what should i really do in life, Just read about the one week job venture today . And now i have started thinking where shall i search my latent passion. Great idea and good luck for your journey.