Inspiration for One Week Job: Australia

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20110906-_DSC8107Inspiration has infinite ways to show itself, it may come from the lyrics to a song you love, a speech that you’ve heard, a peer that you look up to, the work that you do or choosing the life that you want to live.  I guess it all really comes down to each individual and what strikes a chord with you at a particular moment in your life.

I found inspiration whilst reading Sean Aiken’s book ‘The One Week Job Project’ at a point in my life where I was really struggling with a question of..

What is it I really want to do in life?

With this newfound inspiration burning inside me I set about talking to friends about how the book gave me this desire to do my own One Week Job project within Australia.

But how would I do this?

I called up my mate Sam and we started bouncing some ideas around, he suggested that I give Sean Aiken an email letting him know of my plans to follow in his footsteps and to ask him for any advice he could lend from his experiences.

At first I was hesitant about doing this, I’d constantly be telling myself things like, ‘Sean’s probably too busy’ or ‘I’ll probably just get a generic email response thanking me for my enquiry’.  It was then that I remembered something a friend Ali had once told me, she said to
 Let the Universe know what you are after in order to receive it, 
or in other words,
You’ll never get the answer, unless you ask the question first. 

So that’s what I did, I emailed Sean to let him know of my intentions to undertake a similar project to his in Australia and asked him if he was able impart any advice from his experiences that would assist me in my project.  24 hours later, I logged into my email account to find an email reply from Sean, it read “Lets Skype!”.

3 months, dozens of emails flying back and forth, a handful of Skype chats later… Here I am, ready to embark on my own journey towards discovering my passion.

With 52 weeks doing 52 jobs, I can’t wait to see what the next year has install for me!!

I hope you can join me while I share my experiences and what I learn along the way on this blog..