If Happiness Was The National Currency, What Kind of Work Would Make You Rich?

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I checked my bank balance today, and saw that it was running lower than I expected.. At first I felt a sense of panic and anxiety. Then I remembered an article that I had read (50 Questions that can help free your mind), it asked the question;

If happiness was the national currency, what kind of work would make you rich?

and it made me think…

So often do we measure our lives by this number.. This number is the what we receive for our input into our everyday jobs.. This number is a currency to show and measure our worth, this number is


Every day, every week, every year we work in our lives to build up a Currency/Credit which we tend to rate or value our life upon. I think we easily fall into the trap of seeing money as equalling happiness. This is most likely due to the fact we are able to physically see it rise and fall.

It’s a real pity that money is so easily read, as opposed to say our happiness. Imagine if we were all able to consciously keep a track and a measure of our happiness as easily as we do our bank balance.

What if I stopped measuring my value in life by the amount of money I earn and instead replace it with a Happiness Meter?

0 = Completely Unhappy ……… 10 = Couldn’t be Happier

The journey with One Week Job Australia has always been about discovering what my passions are in life. By using a Happiness Meter each week as another reporting method, it will act as a tool for me to review what I was most passionate about doing throughout the entire One Week Job experience, much the same as reviewing a bank statement!

Who knows, if we were to all start measuring our lives by what makes us happy, we might start to see a lot more people passionate about the job they do!

He is rich or poor according to what he is, not according to what he has.
~Henry Ward Beecher