‘Jean Paul’ The Lawnmowing Man, Week 6 In Review

in Week Six - Mowing Man

Coming into week 6 as a Mowing Man, I was rather curious about what exactly I was going to learn and be able to take away from the experience. Turns out I took more away from it than I expected!

Throughout the Week John had me Mowing, Hedging and attempting to Whipper Snip (just the one time) but it turned out the last one wasn’t exactly my forte :-o
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Now John, his wife and 4 kids all have one particular thing in common. That is, their names all start with the letter ‘J’!! So when it came time to join Jobs for John for Week 6, it was only fitting that I be given the nick name Jean-Paul (JP) so that I wouldn’t feel left out. Hopefully I did my ‘J’ name proud!

Each day John, Jeremy and myself would head out around 8am to begin our day and be back at the house for a beautifully cooked lunch by John’s wife, the lovely Jo. After eating each of Jo’s delicious lunches though, it was always a struggle for any of us to stand up afterwards and go back to work for the afternoon.

Some days our lunch break may have gone a little longer than the norm, but John was never worried.

What I Learnt-

One point John made to me throughout the week was..

When you run your own business and don’t have to answer to anybody but yourself, that’s when you can afford to relax just that little bit extra.

Just as long as you also realise when working for yourself, You only get out what you put in.

How cool is that!

All in all the job itself isn’t exactly what I would call mentally stimulating, but not all jobs have to be I guess.

There’s a freedom in this job, unlike any of the other One Week Jobs I’ve undertaken so far. I found it almost soothing after a while, just being out in the fresh air and sun, working at your own pace and being able to gather your own thoughts throughout each day.

I’d like to give a huge thank you to John and the rest of the J’s in his family for everything they did for me. I’m sure it isn’t the last I’ve heard from them..

For now though, it’s time to prepare for Week 7! Wish me luck!!

– Paul

Next Week…

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  • Donna Hamilton

    Hi John, I’m the BBBS program manager in Perth. When are you coming to WA? And do you have anything set up while you are here? It’s so awesome, what you are doing. Must get my lawn trimmed while you are here if you are coming – oh, and maybe my hair too!

    • Paul Seymour

      Haha, No worries Donna I’ll be sure to pack the scissors and mower for when I eventually make my way over to W.A.
      I’m still yet to have any offer to work in the beautiful Perth, but I’m confident that over the next year opportunities to do so will come my way.
      Keep up the great work mate!