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Sooooooooo many things happening already.

For starters, I managed to beat the boss into work today. Not by much, but still I let him know about it! haha

Now I’m not sure thhat this was a direct result from me beating him in today, but Iwas giving the duty of learning how to do the paperwork side of the job today which he had warned me about earlier on in the week.

But hey, it’s all part of the job!

Both yesterday and today I spent the majority of the morning viewing and compiling footage from the most recent competition that Helping Hoops had entered teams into.

From watching the footage in the mornings, to then be able to head out in the afternoons with both Adam McKay (Helping Hoops Amazing Founder) and Mike Spears (The One Man Coaching Machine) and join in, running the programs with these same kids. The best bit being, that although i hadn’t been there as long as either Adam or Mike, I was able to still see the level of improvement in the kids from the earlier footage I was watching to what i was now witnessing on the court at practice.

Mike Spears has got such a presence out on the court as a coach that even when I knew he was giving instruction only to the kids, I couldn’t help but follow them myself!!!

Now there was a huge surprise for the kids when they arrived at the program today. Jean from the ABC News showed up with her camera crew and we were lucky enough to have them filming us on the job having fun and learning some life skills from the game of Basketball!

When the story finally goes to air this week I know there are going to be a lot of excited kids watching along and I’ll be one of them :-)

To finish off  the day, I met with a young group of female students who’ve managed to put together a Street Basketball Event which they’ll be running this Sunday. As part of my role with Helping Hoops this week, both Adam and I were there to speak with them about the logistics of running a basketball tournament and making them aware of all of the different factors they needed to take into consideration for on the actual day itself.
Week 11 - Basketball Coach

To find out more about the event, simply click here.

– Paul

Also, let me know if you’re going to be in Melbourne on Saturday as we may need you help for something that Adam and I are cooking up as part of my week with Helping Hoops!