And That’s a Wrap!

in Week Fourteen - Photographer's Assistant

What a week I’ve had, I…

Flew home to Brisbane;

Celebrated the Engagement of two close friends;

Tried my hand as a Photographer’s Assistant with Mark Lobo Photography,

and; found time to catch up with as many friends from back home as possible!


Mission Objective: Capture Photo’s for MSIT.

Time Given: 5 days, Commencement @ 0800 hours Monday 12 March – Friday 16 March

Agents: Mark Lobo (code name: LOBO), Craig Bridge (code name: BRIDGE) , Paul Seymour (code name: TALL)

Briefing/Target: Capture 47 Hero Shot’s (perfect images) for MSIT

Result: Over 4700+ photo’s were taken during the week to achieve our target.

- – -


Working with both Mark Lobo (photographer) and Underbrand’s Craig Bridge (Creative Director) was an AMAZING experience. Both allowed me the freedom to learn do the job and also have some creative input into the shoots.

What it takes? [Obvious]

  • The ability to follow the instructions given to you by the Photographer
  • Interest in Photography (as Mark pointed out to me, there are brilliant photographers in the world who still do Photography Assistant work to allow them to keep on learning and evolving their own knowledge)
  • A creative eye always helps (I was lucky enough whilst working with Mark and Craig to be able to share my Ideas, but this may not always be the case)
  • Eye for detail (as most photogrpaher’s will tell you, the majority of the shoots you do are for clients. So the onus is on you to deliver the product/end result which they’ve paid you for)
  • Lighting is key (as an assistant it was my main duty to be in charge of the lighting. It was amazing to see how a simple adjustment to the light stand could completely change the mood of a photo)
What it takes? [Not so Obvious] 

  • It’s a Physically demanding  job (I can’t remember a job so far in the project where I have been so physically tired after each day of work.)
  • Be prepared to stand… ALOT! (8-10 hour days on your feet, setting up and packing down equipment)

No longer will I simply point and shoot my camera when taking photo’s. After spending the week with Mark and seeing everything that’s involved behind capturing the perfect image, I have a new respect for the amount of time and effort that goes into capturing that 1 perfect picture.

- – -

A shared thought for the week… 

“There’s a One Day mentality in the world. Everyone is always saying, One Day I’m going to do this or One Day I’m going to do that, yet they never do.”

“If you want to achieve your Passions, Goals or Dreams you need to start Doing and not just say One Day I will do it”

– Mark Lobo



Now it’s time to head back to Melbourne, my tickets are booked and my bags are packed!!

Farewell once again Brisbane, see you soon..

– Paul

P.S. here’s a pic I took at the end of the week! What do you think, could I make it as a photographer? (Thanks to Instagram)



  • Sean Aiken

    Sounds like it was an awesome week!