Week #22 – Delivery Driver’s Sidekick, Lentil as Anything (Abbotsford)

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The past few weeks have certainly been tough.

With no One Week Job offers in for the previous 2 weeks and this week current week, it’s been a really trying time..

Which is why I’m thankful that a place like Lentil as Anything exists. If it wasn’t for the open door and kind hearts of all the staff at Lentil as Anything I don’t think I would have been able to keep One Week Job Australia and my own head above the water and with food in my belly :-)

Yes this is my second week with Lentil as Anything, but I couldn’t of been happier for it to be. And if you’ve watched the video above you’ll see why :-)

Monday morning I made my way over to Lentils second restaurant (After I was given a lead to follow up on, from previous One Week Job Co-worker Dale, who I worked with in week #15 @ Underground Cinema.)

It was at lentil as Anything Abbotsford that I met the Amazing Dale, Kye (pictured above), Shakti and Kit. All who work in different areas of Lentils but along with the rest of their volunteers, made it possible for One Week Job to keep on Truckin’ through the tough times.

And Truckin’ is literally what I did!

Week #22 – Drivers Sidekick
Come Tuesday it was time to get stuck into this weeks One Week Job working alongside Kit. Picking up food that is donated to Lentils by the Food Bank in Victoria in order for them to make some of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating in my life.

Apparently whenn we signed in at the Foodbank they must have mistaken me for a lady…? lol

But as I was later informed, Lentils run at the same expense as all other restaurants. They still have to purchase the majority of their food supplies, cutlery, crockery, kitchen supplies, pay staff, pay all their water, gas and electricity bills and even rent!

So without the support of  Volunteers, places such as Lentils couldn’t exist.

What I’ve Learnt…

When you Volunteer you do it out of passion, compassion and love, and when money isn’t the driving factor for why you work. That’s when you find yourselfbeing surrounded by the things you love doing.

You no longer call it “Work” , it becomes “Fun” and that’s exactly what it’s like for the Volunteers at Lentils.

That's lentil!

Lentils has been the most freeing One Week Job experience I’ve had to date!

If you’re interested in Volunteering at Lentil as Anything in one of their many roles, why not check out their website, or even head down to one of their Volunteer Inductions Sessions held Every Tuesday and Sunday @ 4.30pm.

@ Lentil as Anything Abbotsford Convent, Abootsford, Victoria

or simply click here to read more…
I was also asked to create their Volunteer advert to be placed on SEEK.com.au (I found this pretty amusing actually, being that Seek is the One Week Job Australia sponsor).

So I thought what better way to promote the position than to share a video of what Volunteering with Kit @ Lentil as Anything can be like.

The result… [Video still to come, I’ve got Poo internet access at the moment]




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