Week #? – Jobless, What Does it Mean?

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My Face - After realising I had no job for this week!


I remember back to the days of primary school and even high school. Where being able to pull the wool over my parents eyes seemed like such a great feat. (Although I’m sure my parents knew exactly what I was up to)

 I remember plotting and planning just trying to scam a sick day off from school.

Looking back on it, sometimes I think if I had put as much focus and energy into my assignments & exams, as I did in trying to plot new ways to fake being sick maybe I could have been an A Grade student. But alas, I did not and now that’s nothing but a distant memory which can be piled into the many things that I’ve learnt from hindsight in my life.

This continued on into my early working Career. I would constantly find myself not wanting to go to work. I mean, it was such a chore to have to get up early in the morning, walk or drive to work; whilst I imagined that all my friends having fun without me whilst I was at work slaving away.

So today when I woke up after three days of searching (emailing employers & cold canvassing) again for work. I looked at myself in the mirror, only to realise just how miserable I am being “Jobless” this week.

I’m with this guy.

Unemployment does SUCK!

…but why?

I mean, shouldn’t I be embracing the freedom of not having to work? Doing whatever I want, sleeping-in till noon, getting up and lazing in front of the T.V. in my pyjamas, hanging out with friends, surfing the Internet and watching hilarious videos of cats on YouTube, updating my Facebook status with things like “I had toast for breakfast” and getting 100 likes??

But I can’t embrace it!

I don’t want my days filled with monotony, I’ve done that all before.

It’s Sooooo Booooring and just not for me!


We call it “work”, but really is it…?

Or is it deciding to use the individual time we have, Working towards discovering who we are by trying new things and Working a job that allows us to learn and discover more about ourselves, what we do and why we do it?

I mean look at Bill Gates, the second richest person on earth and yet he still continues to work and I don’t think it’s the money that keeps him there. I can only assume that it’s one drive to discover, learn & create?


My Questions to you

Ever since starting the project I’ve had this ability each week to share conversations, thoughts and ideas around what it is to be passionate about ones work. But haven’t yet touched on the opposite end of that scale.

What does it mean to be Jobless?

What is it that drives the Human Race to Work?

Why is it that so many people are motivated to Work each day, yet there are others who are quite happy to not lift a finger?

What would you do if you didn’t have to Work? and;

Could you live without Work?

Without an employer or other staff members to bounce these thoughts off. I thought I’d open up the discussion to get your thoughts and opinions on the above Questions to allow me to gain a wider perspective on the topic.

My email is paul@oneweekjob.com (Let me know your thoughts).


My Job

One Week Job is my Job – So as opposed to letting time slip through my fingers, I’m going to keep working away at lining up as many One Week Jobs as I can for the future weeks. I’m irritated and frustrated with myself and I’ve never had that feeling towards being Jobless before. There’s no way I want to end up Jobless again….


I don’t know how Sean stayed on top of it all throughout his Project?

I wonder if he had to do as much door knocking as me?

- Paul

I already can’t wait for next week to come and get back into the working world! :-) Canberra here I come!