Help Paul discover his passion by offering him a One Week Job. In the process, get some exposure for you or your company and receive a tax receipt in the process for donating to a great cause!

Make Paul an offer by emailing him at
(subject: “Job Offer”)

Be sure to include in the email:

  • 1) What the job is (specifically what it would entail)
  • 2) Where the job is located (address, city,)
  • 3) Name of the company or individual
  • 4) What week you are making the offer for
  • 5) The amount of your donation

Add anything else you feel is relevant – job description, overview of some of the potential tasks, background about yourself or company, and how you see things playing out for the week. The job can be absolutely anything, anywhere in Australia.

Need some ideas? Check out Paul’s One Week Job Wish List and see if you, or someone you possibly know could help him cross something off the list.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I offer Paul a One Week Job, do I also need to find him a place to stay and pay for his travel expenses?

It would be a huge help, and he’d really appreciate it, though it’s not required to make him an One Week Job offer.

How much should the donation be for the week of work?

There is really no minimum or no maximum. The more job offers Paul receives the better, and the more rewarding of an experience it will be. So whatever is in the budget, there are really no expectations.
(Note: You will be issued a tax receipt equal to the amount of your donation)

Does the job have to last the entire week, and be a full-time position?

Paul is willing to work full-time for the entire week, though the position does not necessarily have to last the entire week and can be part-time.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to send Paul or Sean an email and they will be happy to get back to you.

Lets get to work and have some fun!