As much as I hope to have a chance to experience each of the jobs that I’ve listed below. I am open, ready and willing for any and all job offers that are presented to me as I can’t wait to discover what other jobs are available out there, many of which I may never of even heard of. I look forward to meeting new people who share the vision of One Week Job and are able to give me the opportunity to try my hand a job for a week!

    Farmer, Chef, Butcher, Aged Care Worker, Event Management, Travel Agent, Reviewer (Music, Film), Journalist, Radio DJ/Programmer, Zoo Keeper, School Teacher, Careers Coach, Venue Manager, Photographer, Advertising Agency, Tour Guide, Australian Emergency Services Worker (Fire, Police, Ambulance), Retail Staff, Hotel Manager, Courier and would even enjoy the chance to do a OWJ within a large Marketing Firm to see what are the different job prospects there are within the industry.


Australia’s Career Coach, Helene Larson, and her job wish list for Paul:

Paul completed two online tests for me, one being a Personality Profiler, and the second one an Interests Profiler. These tools are great as they can help me to identify Paul’s natural personality, strengths and attributes, and also the areas of work he is interested in. Putting these two profiles together, the fields of work that would appear to be highly compatible for Paul are:

TEACHING: Paul’s personality has a strong “Helper” influence, which means he needs to feel that he is making a difference, he has a strong desire for teaching or training others, and Paul has to be really passionate about what he does to be truly happy in his career. He is also an “Adapter”, which means he likes variety in his work, a more casual, informal environment, and the free time to pursue other interests outside of work. Given these aspects of Paul’s personality, I think he would quite enjoy the challenge of working with young people as a teacher.

RADIO/MEDIA: Taking another aspect of Paul’s personality, which is the “Creator”, I think Paul needs a creative outlet in his work, the ability to communicate with others, generate new ideas, and work as part of a team. Being able to express himself either verbally or in written form will be important for Paul in his work, which is why working as a Radio Announcer or Media Spokesperson would also really suit Paul’s strengths and personality traits.

TV/FILM PRODUCTION: I believe the “Creator” characteristic of Paul’s personality would suit working in TV or Film Production, and he would also satisfy his “Helper” attributes in this profession, particularly if he was working on documentaries or films that bring awareness and attention to areas Paul feels truly passionate about. The “Adapter” side of Paul’s personality would also be satisfied with the flexibility of working hours and intensive project nature of this line of work.

PHOTOGRAPHY: A highly creative career again! Working as a Photographer would give Paul people contact, which the “Informer” side of his personality requires. Paul would also have flexible working hours, which “Adaptive” people enjoy, and I feel that Paul would like the variety of working with new subjects and material that accompanies employment as a photographer. Being “Adaptive” in nature, he would suit being self-employed and dealing with the irregular income that comes from freelance projects.

It will be really interesting to see how Paul enjoys these professions, and the pros and cons he finds with each!

– Helene


Australia’s Career Coach

Helene Larson
Ph: 02 9944 0075

Helene Larson is an excellent communicator who is able to build trust, rapport and self-belief quickly in her clients. Helene takes a highly personalised approach, and continues to provide ongoing support and mentorship to her clients long after their first consultation. She successfully works with people of differing ages, abilities and backgrounds, and has assisted hundreds of her clients to find happiness and success in their careers, and more broadly, in their lives. Helene will help guide Paul throughout his career search lending her insight and expertise. For career counselling, expert job market advice, professional resume and cover letter writing, interview training, or study and exam techniques, get in touch with Helene to find out how she can help you.