We’re super grateful for the support!

SEEK is Australia’s number one job site with over 150,000 jobs online and visited 14.7 million times each month. The One Week Job Project is a perfect match for SEEK, who are committed to connecting job seekers with opportunity.

“Paul is a great guy with a charitable heart and an ambition to find the perfect job. SEEK has already provided him with a week long position at our head office in Melbourne, as well as a Journalist position and a role as a handyman”, says Helen Souness, Marketing Director at SEEK.

“This project aligns well with our brand promise – ‘seek and you shall find’. In Paul’s case he’s seeking happiness through discovering what matters most to him. We will be bringing his journey to life in a number of exciting ways.”

They include:

  • Documenting Paul’s story through social media and posting videos of his work experience on the seek.com.au YouTube channel
  • Connecting Paul with employers and business owners across the nation in a bid to help him find his passion

Helen Souness adds, “Aligning with OneWeekJob.com.au is the perfect fit for the Seek brand. We’re really looking forward to following Paul’s journey and helping him find his passion”.

If it exists, you’ll find it on SEEK!



As all of Paul’s wages are being donated to charity, we’re looking for sponsors to help support the project. Both in kind and financial sponsorships are welcomed.

If you or your company is interested in sponsoring the project, please contact Sean for more details.

Sean Aiken – Project Founder