One Week Job Show – Episode #1: Steam Whistle Brewery

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At long last – the pilot episode of the One Week Job Show is here! The episode is the result of many…many…many hours of work shooting Sean on the job, editing the footage, searching for the soundtrack, encoding, transcoding, uploading, you name it. The result is an approx 17 minute film.

In this episode, we’re introduced to Steam Whistle Brewery in downtown Toronto, where Sean tries his hand at pretty much every job in the company. Also, we introduce a number of themes, such as how a great work environment is a valuable asset, and crucial to a successful organization.

Finally, Sean battles with the balance between working a one week job and handling the media interviews (radio, tv) that draw some criticism from others.

So watch the show, share it far and wide, and most of all – let us know what you think! All feedback is appreciated.


  • Jeremy Henrickson

    Awesome stuff Sean, very inspiring and motivational for a generation who has enough money for their double latte, designer jeans, and iPod Nano – but not enough money for rent. I am glad to see that you are getting some good media attention as well; much like Ian did on his “let me on Survivor” campaign. Best of luck in all of your future careers, no matter how fleeting they may be.

  • ian

    hey jeremy, glad you like the episode! i’m already hard at work with #2…

  • Kirsty

    Hey guys, great job! Really enjoyed it. Not sure I agree with what that guy at the end says about getting into the workforce as soon as possible though. I say avoid it as long as possible! haha

    Looking forward to the enxt episode, I’ll pass the link around.

  • Arezou

    Sean its hard follwing you around the world, but its a freakin advenure!!

    KEEP up the amazing vibes…..

  • Felipe

    hey Ian and Sean! great job!

    i’m glad to watch your movie and know that you’re donating the wages…this is a pretty good example for the people….

    good lucky in your journey guys!!


  • Bryan

    Hey Guys,

    Julie and I just watched the video. Great job! It looks like it was a lot of work. It was good to see you on Monday for dinner. I hope your super charged energy drinks kept you awake.

    We better see you guys again before you leave the big smoke!

  • karla dow

    You both continue to amaze me! Keep up the great work and keep it real.


  • Mike

    good work boys! keep up the good work. i passed along the link to most all of my contacts!
    oh, and i think if you took my highschool grad photo and aged it like 10 or 15 years, you would get the president guy at the end there 😛 maybe its just me (well Lorraine seems to think so)
    anyway.. take care you two!
    ps ian, what does your wife think of you taking off so quickly after getting married? lol.

  • Lorraine Enge

    pps that was actually mike posting despite the fact that it says lorraine

  • Travis Sherry

    Awesome job fellas. I myself am a 24 year old, sometimes enjoying my job as a high school teacher and sometimes finding myself completely restless. Sean, you’re an inspiration to many people who you will never even meet. You go 100% at your passion, which is a something many will never do. Keep it up, and if you were down in the states, I’d help you find a job. For now, I’ll just enjoy the great videos.

  • Paul Alofs

    Hey Sean,

    I am the CEO of the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation. Looking forward to having you work here next week. I love what you are doing. I hope we can show you what a job in the not-for-profit world is like and whats its like serving the cause we serve. our vision is “To conquer cancer”. We raise lots of money and awareness for one of the world’s best cancer research hospitals. We’re proud of what we do, we’re delighted you are joining us….hint for next week, find your bike shorts!

  • Erin KW

    Hey guys! Great job–I loved the episode. Here I am finishing my second round of post-secondary education in a few weeks, and I still don’t feel ready to choose the next step in my life. It’s really amazing what you’re doing Sean, and I love hearing about your journey. Good luck with it all! And Ian, nice job with the episode…I’m looking forward to the next one!

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  • Omar Smart

    Hey Sean and Ian…great job guys. I’m liking it so far! Keep up the work.Gives me a feeling like I’m not alone, and it gives me hope that one day I’ll find something out there for me, but yeah…Just trying to keep positive about things. It makes things better that way. I’m in a position right now were I’m working three jobs. I have to get out of debt…errrr!


  • Katherine

    Quality episode, Ian. And a nice clean, uncluttered website. Your talent shines thru.

    The both of you have big things ahead of you.

  • yiha

    Interesting beasts of the southern wild…yiha