What Makes You Come Alive?

in Finding Your Passion

Sean shares the inspiration and deeper meaning behind the One Week Job movement. He suggests that we’re experiencing “a revolution in work consciousness. A shift in how we as a culture view work and our relationship with it.” He believes that expressing our passions and unique gifts lead us to greater fulfillment both individually and collectively.


  • Janel


    I just watched your Tedx video and am so glad I came across it, and you! You’re an inspiration and your idea for your project was so creative. Thank you for sharing with us. I just started a blog of my own, mostly as an exercise in learning to share who I am and to LEARN who I am, period. I linked to your Tedx video today in a post on my blog. Thanks for being YOU!


  • VickyD

    I think it is vital that one like the work they do a great deal. Inserting the word passion into the process is OTT and will probably be discouraging for most workers and work seekers.
    Victoria Driver Career Practitioners Calgary Board of Education

    • Ros

      As a semi-retired teacher, I so agree with you, Vicky. Often we just have to knuckle down and get on with things. Sean Aiken is clearly a man with great charisma. But it does occur to me wonder whether perhaps,sometimes, a little charisma, like a little knowledge, can be a dangerous thing.

  • https://thephotostudio.com.au Drew Sullivan

    Really true, and for me, I think my ambitions make me come alive