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Photography Blog from Week 1!

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Good Morning! So, the photographer I shadowed for Week 1, wrote a photography blog about the time I spent with her!  The photos she took of myself and her other assistant Zak are absolutely hilarious! Read all about it here: …and the award for 'Awkward Photo of the Year' goes to….

Can't Figure Out A Job? Try Volunteering Instead

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Guest post by Kirsty, aka The Nerdy Nomad. Kirsty, volunteering in Sumatra. If taking a new job each week to find your perfect career seems like a bit extreme, but heading out to job fairs and going the traditional post-university route seems too timid, then I have an option that falls in the middle: volunteering. Read More ››

Guest Post: Denise Mosawi

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I’m addicted to finding stories of people who’ve changed their lives to pursue their passion. This obsession has led to me collecting many inspiring stories over the years and I’ve drawn some key insights in what goes on when people decide to do what they really love for a living. You can read some of Read More ››

Guest Post: Justin "Bugsy" Sailor

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Almost two years ago I was approaching my last year at university; I remember being scared of the future. However, the entire time I had this small idea in the back of my head; go on a year-long, 50-state road trip staying with people I have never met. It was a dream, a big dream. Read More ››

Guest Post: Robert Manolson

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As a Certified Career Development Professional and in the role of Career Counsellor, I meet youth and parents in their homes. This is a special time. It’s a moment for the family unit to come together, reconnect, share perspectives, and listen with an open mind. Common questions center around which post secondary program to apply Read More ››

What's Your Story?

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I would like to start using as a platform for others to share their stories regarding ‘One Week Job’ type themes. I will still be blogging about what I am up to week to week, but I think by having other people contribute and share their stories, we can all learn from each others Read More ››