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First DVDs Sent To One Week Job Supporters

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Hot off the press… the first run of the One Week Job film is out! After 3 years… 52 jobs… hundreds of hours of editing…thousands of dollars in post-production… it’s good to have the DVD in our hands. And soon, you will too! If you were one of our funding supporters, your DVD is likely Read More ››

One Week Job Doc To Screen At HatchFest – Sept 25

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Still sizzling from the post-production room, the One Week Job documentary is hitting its first US festival: Hatchfest. The festival runs Sept 22-26, and includes music, film, and mentor workshops with groundbreaking filmmakers. Sean and I are thrilled to be in the company of other passionate productions like Waiting For Superman, and Playing For Change. Read More ››

Second Last Day: Away from Ann Arbor

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Hi 🙂 Before I go on about myself and my adventures with the One-Week Job Program, I want to take a minute and talk about the One-Week Job Project. Many of You know that Sean released a book in May. Soon to follow is a sure-to-be-hit of a movie, One-Week Job – The Documentary. For Read More ››

The Evolution Of A Movie Poster

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Since we’re now in the final leg of the One Week Job documentary, it struck me that the film still didn’t have an official poster. To fix the situation, I tapped the skills of Vancouver graphic artist and illustrator Amanda McCuaig. After approx 2 weeks of back and forth collaboration, the final result is, in Read More ››

Brand New One Week Job Trailer Released!

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You may have noticed it around the site already, but in case you missed it, here’s the brand new documentary trailer. (Thanks to Erin Cumming for her editing help). Feel free to share the trailer far and wide. The trailer features a number of elements not seen before, including the post-project interviews I conducted with Read More ››

Update On The Doc and Book

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Who would have thought: writing a book and editing a doc are extremely challenging endeavours. Luckily, Sean’s already polishing his second draft of the One Week Job book. Myself, I’ve completed almost 60 minutes of the initial documentary rough edit, and am very pleased (so far). I believe the final result will be an inspiring Read More ››