Wayfinder was designed by Sean Aiken in collaboration with educators, Dr. Michelle Jones, Lindsay Goodridge and Kristy Baker.


Wayfinder is an innovative, engaging, and empowering curriculum inspired by The One Week Job Project. Targeted at students and individuals in a work or life transition, Wayfinder consists of 10 lessons and is designed with a focus on the development of self-knowledge, examining the questions, “Who am I?” “What do I want?” and “What is the first step?”

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Unit #1 – Who am I?

Lesson 1 – Introduction

Lesson 2 – Self-Knowledge

Lesson 3 – Values, Strengths & Gifts

Lesson 4 – Passion, Purpose & Pressure

Unit #2 – What do I want?

Lesson 5 – Your Best Life

Lesson 6 – Find Your “Why”

Lesson 7 – The Meaning Of Success

Unit #3 – What is the first step?

Lesson 8 – Informational Interviews

Lesson 9 – Dealing With Fear

Lesson 10 – Permission

Each lesson includes an introduction video, reflection questions, exercise(s), class discussion questions, and final thoughts. As an accompaniment to the Course Guide, there is a Teacher’s Guide with suggestions for each lesson as well as further resources.

Wayfinder is currently available as an online curriculum with PDF downloads and streaming video. We will also release a physical edition at a later date.

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