About One Week Job India

Hello! My name is Jubanashwa Mishra and I’m traveling throughout India working 28 jobs in 28 weeks in 28 states in search of my passion. Anybody, anywhere in India can offer me a One Week Job and all of my wages are being donated to GOONJ.org.

Follow along as I share my experiences and lessons learned each week through blog posts and photos on this website. You can also follow me on Twitter @jubanashwa or Facebook.

You can help me on my journey by spreading the word, offering me a One Week Job, donating directly to the GOONJ.org or maybe even lend me place to stay while I’m in your area.

Join the journey!


Recent News

One Week Job India Retirement Speech!!

[Deep Sigh] Hello Everyone!! It’s my pleasure to be here and speak in front of you all. [Adjust the Microphone] Throughout my One Week Job India mission, A thought always running in my mind that; if I have to give one retirement speech after 28 jobs, how would it be, what will it be called. Read More ››

14 weeks so far @One Week Job India

I am always good at writing a blog about thoughts than incidents, so for one week job journey I always fall short of words to write. But I have already begun to accumulate words about my experience for my upcoming book.  My last blog was on the sixth week job at Jammu as a rafting Read More ››