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I am always good at writing a blog about thoughts than incidents, so for one week job journey I always fall short of words to write. But I have already begun to accumulate words about my experience for my upcoming book.  My last blog was on the sixth week job at Jammu as a rafting trainee. In between these days I completed my half of my journey by touching my own state Odisha last week, which was the 14th week of my journey.

I am overwhelmed with the experience I am getting throughout the journey!!  In these 14 weeks I have associated myself with 14 different organizations, 14 different bosses, 14 different sectors, 14 different beds to sleep, in 14 different cities of 14 different states. Even the mundane experience of going to a hair salon for my French cut beard is my 14th way of beard style. Kerala and Goa barbers are much more acquainted with the French cut beard than the other states. May be that’s why these style of beard is usually a tradition in these states.

Few One week job moments I would like to mention in short!!

When the police inspector interrogated me in his ‘Police language’ at an adventure location in Jammu “Which project are you doing, Behench*d you don’t want to reveal, Behench*d do you have the permission to come here” and I delivered my punch line “To travel around India we don’t need a visa”. At that moment I felt like Sunny Deol delivering dialogue in the movie INDIAN.

While going from Punjab towards Jammu in a local bus, I gave my seat to a beautiful Kashmiri girl and stood next to her for the next 50 kilometres. It made me a Shayar in just a moment!! A beautiful line for a beautiful girl “Jo husn ke aage bewakoof naa bana ho, usne kahan zindegi dekhi”

While I was sitting peacefully in the Golden temple, an army officer joined me and started narrating his experience of the Blue Star operation during the emergency declaration by Indira Gandhi’s government.  He had a very rigid opinion that our generation does not understand the true value of freedom, because we got it free of cost. How can someone forget the moment when they left a country which is illogical to a normal citizen, and a government decision which is far above the head for an illiterate person?

While talking to a pimp at titos lane, Goa he shared his experience of the prostitution and drugs selling world. After talking for a few hours every day, he shared a prank he had played on some Pappu Tourists. From a distance he showed them few girls standing in front of a women’s college. He left the place once he took the money from the Pappu guys. The next scene was obvious, rising adrenaline cut down by the thundering slaps from a women college student, who did not even know why these guys approached her calling out “Ayee Chall Naa”.

In Hyderabad my cell phone went almost dead and I went to buy a new handset. While transferring the contacts, the salesman of that shop asked me “How many contacts are there in this phone?” I replied “Around 4000 may be”. And his quick PJ was like “Does it contain contact numbers of the whole of India” and my friends introduced him to my journey. Thank God I had not synchronized my Facebook and LinkedIn contacts till then, otherwise he would have fainted seeing the 5 digits contact list 😛

I have never been much of a foodie, but I can tell you in which shop in Kurukshetra you will get good paneer pakoda, in which shop in Khamasha ahmedabad you will get good tanduri chicken, in which south Indian restaurant in Udaipur you will get good Dosa, from which bakery you should taste the bhgshu cake near Mc Leodganj, from which shop you should try the kulfi in Amritsar, other than traditional yellow color dal – what are the varieties of dal you should taste in Jammu, which restaurant you should go to having chicken changezi in Dehradun, Mumbai  BBC Borivali  biriyani is any time much tastier than Hyderbadi biriyani, in which shack you will find the best ambience to drink in Goa, in which Bengali restaurant in Kormangla Bangalore you should taste mutton and luchi, which illegal bar in Chennai  ECR allows you to drink sitting on the beach, in which coffee shop in Kerala you will get the royal antique feel, which shop Haleem is tastier in Hyderabad during ramadan, and finally which restaurant of ekamra hata Bhubaneswar you will get the best Chakuli mutton. I can easily tell you by tasting Sambhar which south Indian state it belongs to; according to my palate I always find Andhra Sambhar to be tastier than Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka in respective order. I had a weird fascination to become a curd taster like wine taster in south India, but I didn’t get a job as such!!

There are a lot of workplace incidents to share in my last 28/2 week jobs, for that you have to wait for the book!! Till now I have worked as a photographer in Haryana, Market researcher in Gujarat, Hotel Manager in Rajasthan, Waste Warrior (Mountain cleaning) in Himachal, Golden temple sevak in Punjab, Rafting trainee in Jammu&Kashmir, Polyfarm worker in Uttarakhand, Movie marketing executive in Maharashtra, Tattoo maker in Goa, Emotional consultant in Karnataka, Sundal seller in Tamilnadu, Boathouse driver in Kerala, Play school teacher in Andhra Pradesh, News channel TRP analyst in Odisha.

Every state gave me many interesting moments to remember, and there is still half way left to explore. Thank you to everyone who gave me a place to stay, Thanks to friends who took this non foodie to taste different restaurants , who have encouraged and supported me throughout my journey, all my friends who believe in me and have faith in my journey. In the middle of the first half of the journey we successfully completed the crowd funding campaign too, a big thanks to all who have contributed and brought me 100000 steps closer to the destination.  Thanks again to all my friends, Love you all!!



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