Short bio: Animal loving filmmaker who loves to travel and meet different people and cultures.

Finish the Sentence:

I am inspired by: “people who have the courage to beat to their own drum.”
I regret: “not sharing my personal stories of adventures with more people.”
Today I am grateful for ” the fact that the world is in color. After all, we could have survived just fine in black and white.”

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Aimee, 30, Montreal, QB

Renaissance gal: artist, model, actor, writer, epicurean, mom and adventurer.

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Jen, 23, Toronto, ON

Criminology graduate who loves to travel, create, be different and wants to find her passion.

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Michelle, 22, Irving TX

An unconventional college graduate who has a passion for self-awareness, knowledge, progression, people, truth, and…passion.

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Amanda, 25, Toronto, ON

Curly-haired girl with a ready laugh who likes to take pictures and explore.

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Collin, 25, Vancouver, BC

A recent university grad in need of a meaningful life adventure.

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Kieley, 20, Tennessee, US

20-year-old dreamer who gets stoked about trying new things, loves coffee, free stuff, and hanging out with authentic people.

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