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Matt Frost – One Week Job: UK

MATT FROST is 29 years old, currently lives in south-east Cornwall, and is undertaking One Week Job UK. He writes, surfs, loves movies and games, and is keen to see more of the world after spending a year in Australia far too long ago.

Sean Aiken – Project Founder

After graduating from university, Sean Aiken had no idea what job to pursue. Instead of taking the first opportunity, he created The One-Week Job Project working 52 jobs in 52 weeks throughout North America to discover his passion. After the journey, Sean wrote a book, and is speaking at schools and companies around the world about his journey. Sean is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Mark Anderson – Career Coach

Mark runs his own Career Coaching business, KickStart Careers Coaching where he works predominantly with adults at the start or middle of their working life. Mark combines his skills as a qualified Careers Adviser and Life Coach to bring his own unique, holistic and down to earth brand of career coaching with his clients.

Find out more about Mark and how he can help you to find fulfilling work by visiting his website or by contacting him directly. Ph: 02 9944 0075

Ian MacKenzie – Production Manager

Ian MacKenzie is a new media producer and Sean’s longtime friend. He filmed Sean on his adventure, culminating in the documentary One Week Job. He is also the founder of the spiritual travel magazine Brave New Traveler. Ian continues to produce video journalism and documentary shots. Visit his site ianmack.com