MATT FROST is 29 years old,  currently lives in south-east Cornwall, and is undertaking One Week Job UK. He writes, surfs, loves movies and games, and is keen to see more of the world after spending a year in Australia far too long ago. Until recently Matt was a retail manager at a shop in London but a life changing accident at work meant he had to take some significant time off to recover.

“The injury woke me up to the fact that maybe this wasn’t what I really wanted to be doing with my life.” says Matt. “I’m sure many people suffer such crises, but this one was more than the usual itch.”

During this period of reflection the idea came to him to see if he could try out a few more careers before heading back to a full time commitment. Would it be possible to go as far to work 52 different jobs in one year? After a full recovery he’d recovered the confidence for such a dramatic leap. A quick web search gave him further hope that such madness might well be possible. Canadian resident, Sean Aiken had successfully completed a full year of job hopping. An ‘email and chat later’ and they agreed to bring the project to the UK.

He aims to prove that in a time of economic recovery it’s still possible to achieve happiness in the workplace, and potentially hopes to inspire some of the 2.53 million job seekers in the UK.

“I’ve decided to explore the possibilities; to screw the status quo; to take a leap and see if I can discover something I’m truly passionate about. I also want others to know that they can do the same if they so choose. That they don’t necessarily have to accept things the way they are if they aren’t happy. If in the process of this big adventure I can inspire people to at least try something that they’ve previously held back from doing, then I’ll get more worth from this than I have with any previous workplace successes.”

Yet to discover a true passion in the workplace, he hopes to to raise some excellent donations for The Prince’s Trust all whilst broadening his horizons and looking to find a career for which he can truly invest himself.