Hopefully as I go about my adventure this year some of the people I’m lucky to work with will find me useful enough that they might want to provide references. It’s early days yet but here are a couple so far (some of the other lovely bosses are due to send me theirs). I’ll keep working hard throughout the year and look forward to seeing what my numerous bosses have to say about me.

Boss Week 1: Rob Frost, Director, Rob Frost Photography Ltd

First of all I do have to declare an interest. Matt is my son! Having said that, it does probably make me one of the most critical bosses he could ever have as I do know him extremely well. I feel very privileged to have had Matt work with me for the first week of 52. He is a very capable and intelligent young man with a fantastic ability to absorb information and put it to good use very quickly. Add to that a great sense of humour and you have a man who can enter into new work environments and work extremely well within a team or on his own. I would have no trouble in recommending him to any future employers for a full time job, let alone just one week, as he will be a very valuable asset to anyone who employs him.

Boss Week 2: Dawn Bebe, Director, Onshore Communications

We can thoroughly recommend employing Matt Frost for a week – though whether you can handle all the PR he’ll generate you, is another question – or was that just us?

Boss Week 3: Owen Wallis, Senior Producer, Peoplefund.it

Matt joined Peoplefund.it as part of his One Week Job UK project. Matt was bursting with enthusiasm and great ideas. He picked up new concepts quickly and produced great work under tight deadlines to an excellent quality. Matt has a superb work ethic and integrated into our team really well, I highly recommend him to any future employees.

Boss Week 4: James Stephens, Farmer, Lower Fawton Farm

Matt showed a keen attitude and was willing to learn about the farming practice. With no actual experience operating machinery or working with livestock he proceeded with confidence and energy, staying motivated through wind,rain and snow! Towards the end of the week I was able to leave him to perform basic operations with the machinery enabling me to carry on with other jobs.  Matt works well with others and could be a vital member of a team.

Boss Week 5: Kathleen Herron, Deputy Managing Editor, The Sunday Times

I am delighted to say that The Sunday Times was privileged to participate in Matt’s 52 jobs in 52 weeks project. I believe we were only week 5 in his endeavour but Matt proved to be a capable, interested, pleasant and adaptable young man.

 His enthusiasm and curiosity were infectious and the hard-working team on News Review thoroughly enjoyed the experience. 

We hope to have Matt return later in his year to report on his success and we admire his ambition, drive and willingness to embark on and complete this ambitious project.