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There is a great opportunity for exposure both online and in traditional print and television media. Sean’s original journey was featured in media throughout the world, including, The New York Times, CNN, Good Morning America, TIME, Wall Street Journal, Rachael Ray Show, and countless others.

If you or your company is interested in sponsoring the project, please contact Sean for more details.

Sean Aiken – Project Founder

With deep gratitude, we thank our sponsors – without your support, this project would not be possible!

Cool Works

Cool Works is a niche job website whose focus is on seasonal jobs in Great Places. We’ve been helping folks find “job adventures” for 17 years! Hundreds of seasonal employers, including National Park Concessioners, Alaska Fishing Lodges, Dude Ranches, Ski Resorts, and Conservation Corps, employ thousands of cool workers each summer and winter. Some folks work just a season or two while others discover their passions and turn their one seasonal job into a career.

Cool Works is excited to be a sponsor for Linda’s One Week Job adventure. We honor Linda’s journey and hope to be able to hook her up with some One Week Jobs in Great Places. As fellow Older & Bolders, we know that it’s never too late for self-discovery!