May 18th, 2007

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ten Weeks Of Shows Diversity Of Career Options

(May 18, 2007 - Vancouver, BC) Ten weeks after launching in an attempt to find his passion, 25-year-old Sean Aiken has experienced careers ranging from dairy farmer to yoga instructor to talk show intern, and is still enjoying his exploration of many types of employment and continues to share his experiences with others.

In February 2007, Aiken launched his quest to try different jobs across North America. He created a website where any individual or company could offer him a job offer for one week, and where he is recording his experiences with blog entries and short video clips posted to His current job for week ten is as a marketer with Vancouver-based Sustainet Software Solutions (

"I have been overwhelmed by the positive response my project has received both from media and individuals throughout Canada," says Aiken. "Based on feedback I've been getting, I believe people are finding inspiration in what I am doing."

All proceeds that the company or individual pays him for his week of work are being donated to the Make Poverty History campaign ( dedicated to tackling the issue of child poverty in Canada.

Aiken will soon head to Quebec where he will continue his journey with new jobs and new experiences, which he continues to document with words and video on his blog. Some excerpts include:

On being part of an events team: "I like the idea of focusing on one project with all of your energy for a period of time, seeing it through to its fruition and then moving on to the next project. I think that it is something I will have to incorporate into my career somehow."

On working the bottom of the chair lift at Lake Louise: "Could I do it for the rest of my life? Probably not, but I realized again how much I like interacting with and meeting new people. It was a lot of fun being in a position like that in which new people are constantly coming through."

On working as a dairy farmhand: "After trying to avoid it for the first 15 minutes, I realized quite quickly that there is just really no way around it; having cow manure all over your hands and occasionally splat on you is just part of the job. I call it 'surrendering to the pooh.'"

On being a florist: "I am learning a lot about the flower industry, which I suppose was expected considering I knew nothing coming in. I can now arrange and wrap a bouquet of flowers and even tell you the difference between a fuji mom, asiatic lily, and a gerber daisyÅ (An) arrangement of roses that I had made on my first day was sold. Needless to say, it was a proud moment!"

On landing a job as a yoga instructor: "I am really excited to start the week as yoga is something that I have wanted to learn more about and will also get to see the workings of a newly formed small business."

Graduating top of his class with a Business Administration degree, Aiken sees many signs that his generation is putting off the transition into adulthood - taking longer to finish university, get married, move out, start a family and to enter the work force.

"In a world where there are so many possibilities, the weight of all the possibilities can be overwhelming," he says.

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