Offers coming in

So, I have had a great response to the project so far and have already received some interesting offers from all over the country. From working at a bungee jumping company in Whistler, to helping organize a 100km dinner in Ontario, to working at a framing place in Quebec, to even a stint gardening at a household in London, Ontario. Things are definitely starting to come together, and I am looking forward to starting my first job February 26th!

I have added a "Get e-updates" on the left hand column, that will send you an email everytime I make a post to the site allowing you to stay up to date with where I am and whatever job it is that I am doing.

I have also added a support section, in which companies can sponsor One Week Job and have a banner ad posted in that section, or those who would like can simply make a donation to help support me in my travels.

Be sure to check back to the 'offers' section as I will be posting various offers that I receive and will be announcing my first job later this week!


PS - For those of you in the Vancouver area, I will be appearing on Breakfast Televsion Citytv Monday morning at around 7:30am for an interview about One Week Job.