Meet Garry: Software Developer Turned Snowshoe Guide

I was doing trail maintenance yesterday morning with Garry, a forty something year old who recently moved to Vancouver this year from England. Garry has worked many successful jobs in his time, has even owned his own company, to his last job where he was working as a software developer for an IT firm. Now what does Garry do you ask?

Well, he is working as a snowshoe guide for a local ski mountain (Mount Seymour) just outside of Vancouver, BC and he couldn't be happier!!

Funny enough, after finding out I was the One Week Job guy, Garry said he had seen an article about the project in his local paper and told me that it struck a chord with him when he read it. After speaking with him, I now realize why.

It is so great to meet somebody like Garry! I guess I like it so much too because it re-affirms my beliefs about how important it is to be doing something you love. To hear it first hand from somebody who has lived enjoyable work situations and not so great ones, just makes it all the more real. To make the move from secure positions in England to starting a new life with his wife here in Vancouver, Canada must have taken so much courage and he says that many back home including his father still think that he is crazy!

Crazy? I am not so sure, I just met the guy. One thing I can tell you though, is that he is happy!

[UPDATE: See an interview with Garry in the 'interviews' section]