Snowshoeing Fun With A Pack Of 6th Graders

It was an absolutely beautiful day up on the mountain yesterday; fresh snow and the sun was shining bright! I think what made it even better is that I am finally getting over a cold that has been with me for at least a week and my energy is finally coming back. I thoroughly enjoyed my day working up at Mount Seymour and just kept thinking as I was snowshoeing around, "Wow, this really is a great job!"

Here is a video of what I was up to:

In the morning I was helping with stuff in the shop: sorting out snowshoes, housekeeping, getting the hot chocolate ready (man that hot chocolate is good!), and in the afternoon I helped out with a program and went out snowshoeing with a group of grade 6/7's. It was actually a good thing that I went because one of the kids got hurt so I had to lead the group back down the hill, while the other guide administered first aid.

I was supposed to be heading towards Nelson, BC this weekend for Week Four, yet that has now been changed. I do have some other options, yet still have not decided. So please send any offers or ideas my way if you have them!