Week Four Announced - Volleyball Coach

It's spring break this week with high schools throughout British Columbia and so Volleyball BC is putting on a "Blue Hawaii Spring Break Camp" where I will be one of the head coaches. I spent the day organizing the schedule for the camp and start tomorrow morning at 9am, followed by 8 hours of volleyball for three consecutive days! Wow, those kids are going to be tired. Citytv's Breakfast Television will be there on Wednesday morning to do a segment for their show, so that should be fun.

Week Two- Urban Rush 010Just confirmed my job for Week Five today. I will be working as a columnist with a well known daily newspaper published in major cities across Canada. I will tell you more about which one later on in the week, but wanted to hear what 'One Week Job' aspects or themes you want to read about on your way to work next week. For example, interviewing people in unusual jobs, interviewing others in my generation how they see their future relationship between their soical lives and careers or what they expect from a career situation, money vs. happiness trade-off... etc. You can email me, or just leave your thoughts in the comment section.