Talkin' bout' my generation

I have been in contact recently with a great guy, Robert Manolson, a Career Development Professional based in Edmonton, Alberta. We had a great chat last night about how the priorities of my generation entering the work force are different to that of generations before. I am really excited about my generation entering the professional world as I feel we are realizing how important it is to be in a career that we love doing, one that challenges us, and we are demanding more out of a career than just a pay check. As we enter the work place with this increased awareness, we immediately start questioning everything, seeking a greater meaning in all that we do, something that makes sense. To be in a situation in which we feel like we are contributing to some greater good, some vision that we can buy into. How is what I am doing helping the world, helping those around me, helping my neighbourhood, how can I be more socially responsible, what can I do to make a difference?

Bringing this mind set into the work force early on in our careers will have huge implications on society and will greatly contribute to an increased overall level of happiness in the work place. In the process, this will inherently lead to increased productivity and positive personal development. Very cool!

I have also had a recent revelation that I will have to tell you about but I am having difficulty getting my thoughts in some coherent form so I will have to get back to you. If I get my phone number up on the site before I make the post, give me a call and I'll explain it to you!

So I am heading to Edmonton the week of April 2nd, and am looking for a ride! If you have any ideas, suggestions, or know anyone who is heading anywhere in that direction, please let me know!