Meet Alan Kearns : My "Career Coach"

Career JoyAlan is the Head Coach and the Brand Champion! of CareerJoyâ„¢, a Canadian career coaching company. "He is one of Canada's foremost experts on all things relating to careers with more than 14 years of experience coaching people through successful career changes." Sounds like I could use somebody like this around! I did a podcast (Listen here) regarding One Week Job with Alan about a week ago and we discussed the possibility of doing something more together. Alan was willing to get involved with the project as a sponsor and also offer up his expertise.

I will be speaking with Alan a few times each month about how the project is going, where I am at in my journey, what I am learning, and provide his thoughts and advice. These talks (podcasts) will be recorded and then posted to

If you are having difficulty deciding on a career or looking to change an unhappy work place situation, be sure to check out Alan's site!