Saying Goodbye To Edmonton

I can't say enough positive things about my time this week at Lotus Soul Gym. Coming into the week I had no real previous knowledge of the practice of yoga, not to say that I am a guru now after only one week, but I guess I absorbed enough to appear as if I knew what I was talking about when teaching my first ever class yesterday. (apparently I am a hard instructor) I think that anyone would benefit from practicing Yoga and it is something that I will be keeping up after having learned more about the practice. I recommend that everyone try it at least once and if you are lucky enough to be an Edmontonian, you have some amazing people and a more than welcoming, safe environment to do so down at Lotus Soul Gym.

Week Seven - Yoga Instructor 027This is Erin, she came in on Thursday night for a Yoga class and had made this sign for me. It was so kind of her. Erin, you rock!

One thing about this project is that I am continually meeting incredible people, establishing relationships, developing a sense of familiarity and then it is time to move on. Although it is sad, I know that these people I meet and the experiences I have will always be a part of me, and I look forward with excitement to what is yet to come.