Dead Air And Day Dreaming

I had an interview with CBC Radio in Vancouver, BC yesterday which turned out to be quite hilarious. I guess it had been a while since I was back in Vancouver having to drive into the downtown area and so underestimated the time it would take. I was running just over 5 minutes late for my in studio interview. When I arrived I was a little out of breath and rushed, but had a few minutes to relax before the interview. I suppose I did too good of a job relaxing and as the host was in the process of introducing myself, One Week Job, and asking me a question, I must have began dreaming because when I came back to reality I heard only the last words of her question: "...everything Sean?" And she had an expecting look on her face patiently awaiting my response.

I had absolutely no clue what the question was and so responded with, "yeah everything," in hopes that she would continue on with the next question. I found out from some friends later that the question was something to the effect of: "Sean is trying to figure out what he wants to do for a career, and is so doing everything. What do you mean by everything Sean?" To which I responded, "yeah everything."

Dead air followed and the host stared at me with a perplexed look on her face leading me to believe that I had not answered the question correctly. I still had no clue what she asked me and so decided I would take another shot at it and just began talking about the last few jobs that I have had, finishing my sentence with, "so yeah pretty much everything."

Once I stopped day dreaming the rest of the interview went well, although I wish I had recorded the interview as I would love to hear the opening again! Haha:)

Week Nine - Lake Louise 051I am back in Vancouver now for three weeks as my best friend is getting married May 19th. If you have any job offers for me in Vancouver for the next few weeks or simply want to meet up, give me a call or send me an email.

The week after the wedding, the Gill Deacon Show on CBC Television is flying me out to Toronto for the show and then from there I am off to Quebec and further out East! Anybody know any lobster fisherman?