Finding Congruence In The Workplace

I am on a journey to discover the point at which my skills, aptitudes, personality, values, and passions come together to formulate a career in which I would be happy doing; a certain point of congruence. The interesting thing is that with One Week Job, I am in that situation presently... except for maybe the skills part! I am constantly in a new environment, continuing to challenge myself every day, learning new things week to week, meeting tonnes of great people, I am really passionate about my message, and I am helping others. 'One Week Job' the career? Well, not likely as the gig doesn't pay too well;)

I think one thing we must remember is to continually assess why we are doing what we are doing, and if indeed we are enjoying it. One of the quotes that is on my bedroom wall at home is, "It's not what you do or how much you do, rather it's how you do it and why you are doing it" I think that we can sometimes lose direction of what we initially set out to accomplish. As I recently received in an email, we must often ask ourself when presented with a new decision; 'Can I draw a reasonably straight line from where I am, to where I want to go?'

The reason I have been thinking of this lately is that after coming home to Vancouver for a friends wedding and having a week off, I have been able to take a moment away from the whirlwind ride that I was on. With all the media attention throughout Canada the project has received and with the interest of turning One Week Job into a show, I have been forced to stop and think in order to re-evaluate my reasons for setting out on such a journey. I do not want to make it something that it is not, in that I have it all figured out and know exactly where I am heading. The reality is that I have no idea where this is all going to lead and by pretending that I do as a host of a show would only be defeating the purpose of why I began One Week Job to begin with.

I think it would be beneficial if through video, people are able to experience the adventure with me; the uncertainty of not knowing where I will be the following week, how I am going to get there, being scared/excited when presented with a new and challenging situation, overwhelmed with the amount of work I have created for myself, seeing my ups and downs throughout, etc. yet staying true to the experience. In this way I think documenting the journey with a video camera would be quite beneficial in that it would be easier to bring people through the experience with me, allowing them to draw more from it and the lessons that I learn a long the way.

Okay, decision made, sorry for seemingly thinking out loud!

If there are some sponsors willing to get involved with this project to help out with equipment expenditures and to pay a small crew, an installment could be released each week in which a different company could sponsor it. It will then stay online with the companies logo who sponsored that weekly installment appearing at the beginning as well as a watermark in the corner throughout that episode.

I imagine it would look something like this, yet with interviews of my employers, my take on the particular job, what it takes to do this job, and what I am learning throughout the experience.

Let me know what you think, or if you have any other ideas!