Safety Goggles Are Back In Style

I spent the last couple of days working at 'Portes et Fenetres Bernier' (Windows and Doors Bernier) in Trois Pistoles, Quebec. It has been a pretty quiet week so far at the shop as there are not too many jobs on-going at the moment. Which is really nice though because I have a lot of work currently trying to get some articles done for my potential future column in the Globe and Mail.

Week Twelve - Framing: Windows and Doors

Tomorrow we are going out on the road to Riviere-du-Loup to make some installations. Here is a picture of me getting ready to hit the road.

Week Twelve - Framing: Windows and Doors

Working at a 'Windows and Doors' company made me realize just how many jobs are out there constructing random products that we use everyday. I was attaching a mesh screen to a window frame and thought to myself; there is a company who simply makes mesh screens. How one gets into that business to begin with, I have no idea, but somebody has to do it and I am sure there are quite profitable.

I am curious if they are enjoy what they do? Who knows, but I am sure it is a good story how the person who started the company saw a need for mesh screens so went and started a mesh screen business. With summer coming up and the mosquitos coming out, I for one, am thankful they did.