Who Really Does The Choosing?

As I got up this morning, put on my suit, (which has been sitting in my suit case for the last three weeks), took out my map, and got on the metro to go to work; I thought to myself, wow, I am heading to my first day on the job in downtown Montreal with a company I have no previous knowledge of, have never met, and I have no idea what the week will entail.

Week 14 - Talent Broker

This is ofcourse the case of most Monday mornings, but every now and then I find myself viewing the experience from an outside perspective and just think to myself, "Sean, this project you started is kind of crazy." Definitely keeps life interesting I guess. I like to think of the quote; "A journey of a 1000 miles, begins with a single step." I think that is one way I am able to keep moving forward; one step at a time.

I was speaking with the President of the company this morning, Nathalie Francisci, and I asked her how 10 years ago she chose her career path and started a head hunting firm. Her response was interesting and it made me think about 'choosing' careers in general. She said that she didn't choose the career, and that in a way, it in fact had chose her. I guess if we truly love what we are doing, then there is really not too much choosing involved and it just kind of makes sense. It makes me think of happily married couples in which we often here how the decision to marry their spouse was the easiest decision of their life.

When One Week Job is all over, will I really choose a career, or will the different characteristics I identify as what I need in a work place situation, simply come together to form a career I will love doing? Sure, I chose to go on the journey and discover what these characteristics are, but what 'career' comes out in the end won't be as difficult a choice as commiting to the journey in the first place.

I spent the morning organizing media interviews for the following week in Montreal. It should be quite busy, though I must say a big thanks to Carla Shore for helping me sort all that out.

Everyone working with Venatus Conseil Ltd. Talent Brokers is really nice and they were kind enough to show me how the whole recruiting process works. They had received a new mandate today so I was able to see how the process starts off. It is like detective work; generating a list of all potential candidates, qualifying these candidates and then narrowing them down until you find the right one.

Tomorrow a Quebec Television station (TQS) is coming into the office to do an interview which will be the first time that I give an interview about One Week Job in French. At times I find it difficult to express myself in English, so it should be interesting how I manage in French!

If you find yourself in dowtown Montreal tomorrow, drop by the office and say hello!


PS - Pledge Your Passion