Congo Drums, Bag Pipes, And Triathlons: A "Marathon" Of A Week

I arrived into the town of Marathon, Ontario yesterday after flying into Thunder Bay from Toronto. Marathon is situated about 3.5 hours East of Thunder Bay. If you have never heard of Marathon before, check out this map or find out more about it on their towns website. It is a great little town on the shore of Lake Superior and everyone has been so kind and very welcoming to me. It will be a busy week with the concert tonight and the triathlon this weekend, but is definitely going to be a lot of fun. Last night after dinner with Andy (the concert organizer), Joe (the triathlon organizer) and their families we played some ultimate frisbee in town and then headed to Joe's place so we could practice our set for the concert tonight.

As well as hosting the concert tonight, I will also be banging on some drums alongside Joe with his trumpet - trying my best to look as if I know what I am doing. It took me a while to get the beat down last night on the congo drums, but I did get it eventually with the help of some repetition in my head - "paradiddle, paradiddle, paradiddle... bop bop" I think today we might be throwing some bag pipes into the equation, so it could get quite interesting!

Week Seventeen - Race Director 003

Today I have some media interviews to promote the concert tonight and the Penn Lake Pursuit Triathlon happening this weekend. There is still space available for the triathlon, so if you are in the area and want to come out, you can register up until and including race day. If you don't feel like racing, make sure to come on out and watch as it's going to be a great time!

Early start to the day this morning at the local radio station, CFNO. I got to do the weather again which is always fun. Unlike last time the host wasn't fllirting with me which made it a bit easier to focus on the task at hand!

Week Seventeen - Race Director 007

Okay, time to try my hand at those bag pipes!