Longest Day Ever, Longer Than A "Marathon"

Warning: You can probably expect to see at least one more cheesy blog post title incorporating the word "Marathon" before I leave town. Today was quite the day. I was picked up at 9am to start setting up and preparing for the triathlon and I didn't get back to where I am staying until 10:30pm. I had some candy, a beer, and took a shower then was out the door again to go to the bar, well it is kind of more like a bingo hall - the kind of place where you are just as likely to be hanging out with your parents friends as you are with your own, yet that's what makes this town great.

It is another early day tomorrow (Sunday), with the second leg of the triathlon. I will post some pictures hopefully tomorrow afternoon.

Still not too sure how I am getting to Wilberforce as of yet, but I am sure things will come together!