New Show, New Team Member, New Look

oneweek-show.jpgNEW SHOW As of July 30th, One Week Job will become an Internet TV Show/video podcast!

A new episode will be released after each One Week Job and will begin production next week in Toronto, ON when I am working with Steam Whistle Brewing Company. Part reality-tv/part adventure series, each episode will run approximately 10 minutes and will document my journey, what jobs I am doing, interviews with my employers, what I am learning, the people I am meeting a long the way, how I am getting city to city, where I am staying, etc.

I am pretty pumped about the start of the new show! It can be difficult to accurately relate the experience I am having and all that I am learning simply by using blog posts. With the show, it will be easier to share the experience as others can join me for the journey, feel a part of the adventure, be inspired, and hopefully learn with me.

Check out 'the show' section to find out more!

We are currently looking for sponsors for each weekly episode, so if you, your company, or anyone you think may be interested in getting some publicity and would want to get involved, we would really appreciate if you could pass on the word about the project.

If you would like to sponsor an episode, you can contact me through email, , or call me on my cell, 416-735-9335.


canada_pics 263Ian Mackenzie is my best friend. He has been helping me with One Week Job since I decided to go through with the idea and start working on the website in January. Ian will be coming on the road with me starting next week Monday, July 30th in Toronto - he will be filming and editing our weekly episodes, as well as contributing to the blog.

If you are a Survivor fan, you may have come across Ian before - he started a campaign a while back in which he was trying to convince the producers at CBS to let him on Survivor. He made an online petition, received over 5000 signatures including the endorsements of many past Survivor contestants. However in the end CBS didn't budge and would not open up the show to Canadian applicants.

As of this week, you will see Ian contributing to the site - writing posts, musings, updates from the road... etc.

It is going to be awesome having Ian on the road and he will really be able to contribute to the project. He is a great writer, has amazing web skills, and pretty much just an amazing guy.

If you are in need of a great website marketing consultant - looking to improve your company's online identity, change your websites look, increase traffic, search engine optimization, lay out, basically anything web related - check out his website.


If this is your first time visiting the site, then you won't notice a difference. But if you have been here before, then you may have noticed the site has a new look.

I am not a fan of the photo in the header but Ian insists it was the best he could find - I am not convinced. Anyways, let us know what you think!