Sleep Is Overrated Anyways

IMG_4289Things just keep getting better each day here at Steam Whistle. It's been a really busy week and although we are operating on about four hours of sleep a night, we are having an great time. I am positive you could ask any employee here and they would tell you that they really enjoy their job. Today I went on some sales calls with Richard, one of the sales reps at Steam Whistle. It was great to get out and see different areas of the town. We met up with some of his old clients and made some contacts in order to generate new ones. It was pretty interesting to see the sales process - it is almost as if they are running their own business, making their own hours, directly accountable for their income, meeting with lots of different clients, yet it doesn’t have the associated risk that a business owner would have.

Although I do enjoy the changing tasks and interaction with others, I don’t know if I could be a salesman, as I am not too sure if I would be able to handle all the rejection it takes in order to finally secure a sale.

Ian is getting some great footage and things are going really well for our first episode. If you can think of anyone who would be willing to sponsor the first episode, please pass on the link to 'The Show' page.

Time for bed. We are being picked up at 4:45am â€" definitely looking forward to sleeping in this weekend!