Guest Post: The Importance Of Transitional Skills - Robert Manolson

robert-manolson-profile-pic2.jpgWe can all learn something from Sean's journey. I met Sean way back in week 6 which for some odd reason it seems like some distant, past experience. His belief that the path from A to B is not always a straight line prompted him to create One Week Job. He now uses this as his vehicle to further his own self exploration and self discovery related to career decisions not for the rest of his life but for the next phase of his life.

Talk about a multitude of changes!! Life is a state of continuous changes and no doubt One Week Job is all about changes, some within Sean's control and I'm sure, many not within his control. Through it all, I continue to be impressed with Sean's ability to not only stay positive but to keep it simple.

I often ask myself the following questions: Is there is one particular skill that Sean continues to apply over and over again? And what is the name of this skill that best exemplifies how he successfully manages his one week job experience? The answer that continues to remain constant in my thinking is something that I call Transitional Skills. Yes, we can all learn something from Sean's journey but specifically how we react to new situations, how we make the necessary adjustments to new situations, and best prepare for those unexpected changes....Transitional Skills.

I believe that the secret to life is living it one day at a time and never letting go of hope. I also believe that making the most of every day is very much dependant on my capacity to manage life's continuous changes while accessing the strength and courage of my own transitional skills.

How are you managing your life's journey from path A to B? Are you taking charge of change? Are you making the most of your every day by accessing the strength and courage of your own transitional skills? And if not, do you have a plan to do something about it? We look forward to your comments and perspectives. Share your story with us.

~Robert Manolson

Robert is a Certified Career Development Professional based in Edmonton, Alberta and has over 25 years experience as a skilled speaker and persuasive presenter. Creator & Master Facilitator of Powerful Play Experiences, he facilitates organizations and groups in workplace fun & wellness workshops with highly engaging, innovative “Powerful Play Experiences.”