An Interesting Week At Roots

Group shotI would say that I learned the most out of my week at Roots than I have at any of previous One Week Jobs. It was a very interesting experience in that on one hand I had the opportunity to experience some great things and interact with some high profile celebrities, though at the same time the week proved to be a challenging one. It was evident that there were different opinions on what my role was for the week which led to uncertainty as to what exactly was expected from me. It felt as if I had stepped out of the one week job experience slightly and that Ian and myself were contracted out as 3rd party videographers for the week. It is something that I will have to be aware of in the future.

Ian is traveling with me documenting the experience at my different positions, what I am learning, interviews with my employers, and the journey itself. This week, I am pretty sure that Ian put in more time than myself, filming what he was asked to shoot, editing footage from the day, and posting it to the Roots Film Festival Blog. All this on my lap top, which doesn't have the same programs as his and so helped to slow the process.

I learnt a lot this week and met some great people that work with Roots. One of the highlights this week was that I was able to receive some life advice from Wylcef Jean.

We are now in Montreal working with Cossette Marketing . Ian received his computer back and so we are hoping to have the episode from my week as a Veterinarian Assistant up by the weekend.