Week #29 Announced - Trade Show Salesman

fifo-bottle.jpgThis week is pretty significant as it will be my first One Week Job in the United States. Tomorrow, I am leaving for Atlanta, Georgia where I will be working as a Trade Show Salesman with a company called Fundamental Designs. The product that we will be demonstrating is called the FIFO Bottle. What is a FIFO Bottle you ask? It is a plastic squeeze bottle for dispensing sauces. The thing that makes this bottle unique is that it is based on the First-In First-Out (FIFO) principle. You put the sauce in one end and it comes out the other end.

The pictures they have on the FIFO Bottle website will give you a better idea. Or, the next time you are in a Subway restaurant, just make note of the sauce dispensing bottle they are using - it's a FIFO Bottle.

That was probably more than you wanted to know about plastic squeeze bottles, though it is pretty exciting for the company as they have recently developed some prototype bottles that allow for portion control. Portion control is obviously really important within the fast food industry as every penny is counted.

It is a huge trade show and we will be demonstrating the portion control bottles for the first time so there is a lot of potential for the company coming out with some great contracts.

I am looking forward to seeing the sales process in action and learning more about the techniques involved.