Sean was on CNN! (sort of)

CNN Head Office On our second day in Atlanta, we realized that the CNN building is pretty much across the street from the Georgia Trade Show Center. Fiddy also knew a guy who worked there. We put two and two together and took up an offer for a private tour of the world's most infamous newsroom. The building is enormous, with a massive lobby full of people milling about, eating, chatting, and watching news. That's because there are flatscreen tv's everywhere. I've never seen more televisions. I think the basic idea is that anywhere you possible look, you're watching CNN.

From the lobby we passed through the security checkpoint and entered the catacombs of the organization. There were offices, hallways, computer screens, water coolers - pretty much everything you'd expect from a normal building.

CNN NewsroomThen suddenly we arrived in the main newsroom floor, the characteristic red logo hovering multiple times overhead. Under that red glow, hordes of people milled over their reports, video footage, and keyboards, producing stories that are shown 24 hours a day all over the world.

You could say it was pretty cool.

We met a few producers and employees and continued our tour. We visited so many sections of the building and departments of CNN that I lost count. But it was amazing to see how many people can work together, like an oiled machine, churning out content day in and day out.

Ideally, it would have been great to have Sean and One Week Job featured on one of their shows, but unfortunately, their segment was already full for the day and they couldn't fit him in.

But there's a strong possibility he may wander the halls of CNN sometime in the next few weeks, as we'll be in Atlanta for a while longer.

So instead, we got a shot of Sean *technically* on CNN...sort of. Still counts for something right?

Sean on CNN...sort of