Week #31 Announced - Aquarium Host

aquarium-logo.gifThis week I am in Atlanta, Georgia working at the largest aquarium in the world - The Georgia Aquarium. The Georgia Aquarium features more animals than any other aquarium and has more than eight million gallons of water. "Through a path of more than sixty exhibits, the Aquarium tells a global water story, with features modeled after the greatest zoos and aquariums in the world."

I will get to do a few different things around the aquarium this week. I will be on the floor helping people with directions, assisting with the educational programs, cutting up fish for feed, water testing, and who knows what else. I am hoping that they will let me feed some of the animals or even help clean the tanks one morning. I guess we will see!

I imagine that everyone who works here share a love for animals and enjoy what they are doing so it should be a great environment to be a part of.

If you are in Atlanta this week and want to meet up, let us know!