Saying Goodbye To Atlanta... I Think

A very big thank you to everyone at The Georgia Aquarium for such a positive experience and for sharing your love of the marine world with me! IMG_5138At the aquarium, there is a strong focus on educating visitors about the conservation of marine life. I think that once we have been able to view the beauty that exists beneath the ocean, we will be more aware of the consequences of our actions. One of the great things about the aquarium is that it serves as an opportunity to give people a glimpse into a world that we would not normally get to experience. I find we tend to care more about things with which we have developed somewhat of a relationship. And let's not forget, their mascot "Deepo" is rather cute.

If for some reason you find yourself awake tomorrow (Sunday) morning at 8:00am EST, I will be on CNN for a live interview about One Week Job.

After that, I have to figure out how I am going to get to Miami, Florida. If you can help me out at all with that, give me a shout!