Termites Beware, Truly Will Soon Be There

Week 32 - Truly NolenThe Pest Control industry is definitely one that not I am sure not many think of as a potential career when coming out of college. Though, as I am finding out this week, it is a huge industry and so as a result, there is a lot of opportunity. I guess someone has to do it. I have been told this week that if a choice had to be made between eliminating the medical industry or the pest control industry, that it would be better off to eliminate the medical industry due to the amount of disease that are a result of pests. That, and the collective weight of all the ants in the world is about equal to the weight of all the human beings in the world.

My first day at Truly Nolen I learned all about the company, met the executives through a video conference call to Tuscon, AZ, and watched some of the training videos about proper inspection, safety procedures, and how to identify infestations. I am not sure why, but it always seems that the majority of training videos for any company were produced in the early 90's. Needless to say, they were pretty entertaining.

Week 32 - Truly NolenYesterday I helped fumigate a house which is quite hard work. The tarps they put over top of the house to seal in the chemicals inside are really heavy. The guys I was working with have been doing it for years, so I looked pretty weak next to them. Today, I spent with Ashley, a Truly Nolen Sales Inspector. We got to drive in the signature beetle car decorated like a mouse, complete with ears and even a tail. You can kind of see it in the background of this picture.