Week #35 Announced - Fashion Buyer

This week I am a Fashion Buyer with Global Purchasing Group in Manhattan. More on that later... right now I am going to be late for my first day of work! UPDATE:

IMG_5785The subway randomly deciding to stop a long the way didn't help out matters, though I wasn't too late getting to work yesterday morning. There were a couple of people waiting for me and as soon as I entered and we got off to a running start. Working in the fashion industry this week I thought twice about what I wore to work. Turns out my worries were justified. The first thing that my boss, Mercedes, said to me was, "Nice to see you dressed up for your first day working with a fashion company." Yes, she was being sarcastic.

I honestly didn't think I was dressed that bad and looking at others in the room I felt I fit in. Though now that I know Mercedes better and how nice she is, I think she was simply having some fun at my expense.

We had a meeting shortly after I arrived with two young guys who started their own label immediately after finishing design school, then it was off to meet with Sight Style, a trend forecasting company, to learn about what is going to be "on trend" for spring 2008. They took me through the different styles and color combinations that we can expect to see this coming Spring.

Industry buzz words like "body con," "retro," "architectural style," and "asymmetrical de-construction" have now been added to my vocabulary. It was a lot of information to digest though it will no doubt come in handy over the next few days as Mercedes has a lot of tasks planned for me that I will have to use what I learned to help me out.

If I can't look the part, at least I will be able to speak the part!